A Good Weed Grinder Is a Must


Whether you smoke or vaporize weed, whether you’re a recreational marijuana user or a medical cannabis patient, a good weed grinder is a must-have tool for you. Grinding your herbs thinly and evenly is essential for both joints and vaporizers, because it produces a more satisfying and more efficient experience.

When you choose a herbal grinder, there are three main factors you should take in account: price, material and number of parts or compartments.

Weed Grinder Material
Weed grinders are made of acrylic, wood or aluminium and titanium.
Acrylic grinders are the cheaper of the three. The better acrylic marijuana grinders do a pretty good job, and another advantage is that you can get them with all different number pf parts.
Wooden Grinders are good looking. They can do a decent job, and usually there tech are made of metal. the problem with wood grinders is that they only come in two pieces.
Aluminium and titanium grinders are usually the best. They come in all sizes, they are sharp and they are durable. Aluminium weed grinders cost more, but they are worth the price.

Weed Grinder sizes
Cannabis grinders with one compartment are made of two pieces. The weed is put in between the base i=and the cover and is ground by the sharp teeth. The disadvantage is that the weed might get stuck between the teeth and not be totally even.
To solve tis problem the god of weed invented the two compartment pot grinder. The shredding compartment is the same as in the one compartment grinder, but at the bottom there are small holes, leading to the second compartment. This allows the small particles of the ground cannabis to gather in the second compartment, making the shredded weed even and east to take out. there are also three compartment weed grinders. the third compartment is separated from the second by a fine screen, that allows only the tiniest particles, known as pollen or chief, to gather. the kerf us the most potent part of the marijuana flower, and gathering it is like gathering a treasure.
All these grinders usually come in a variety of colours, and also with different sizes and diameters.

Vaporizing Cannabis – Advantages Only


Cannabis vaporizers are getting more and more popular both among medical cannabis users and recreational weed users. So what are herbal vaporizers? Basically, vaporizers heat cannabis to a precisely controlled temperature, at which the active substances in the herb (THC and several other cannabinoids) transform into vapor. Unlike smoking a joint, vaporizing doesn’t result in burning, it produces no carbon or semi-blazed solid material, and thus delivers clean, healthy and smooth vapor. In other words, cannabis vapor is inhaled like smoke, however without the adverse symptoms of smoking. Another advantage of vaporizing: since the THC is discharged without burning, none of it is lost to overheating (as happens when cannabis is smoked) resulting in a more effective and efficient process.

Benefits of vaporizing cannabis

There are many ways to consume marijuana. Joints, pipes, bongs, edibles and drinks, among others. The first three options are simply unhealthy, and it makes no sense for patients to use them. Digesting cannabis works well for some medical marijuana patients, but the problem is it takes longer for the cannabis to take effect, therefore making it harder to control the dose. When you vaporize the marijuana, the effect is almost immediate, so you can take a puff, see if it’s enough, take another, and so on.

Choosing a vaporizer


The two main considerations when choosing a cannabis vaporizer should be price and type.

Generally, there are two types of vaporizers – desktop (or table top) vaporizers and portable vaporizers.

If you plan to consume your cannabis only at home, a table top vaporizer may be the better option. These vaporizers can be heavier and bigger than the portable ones, and generally offer a better vaporizing experience.

If you intend to use the vaporizers on the go, you better get a portable one.

More expensive vaporizers are usually better than cheaper ones, but in both categories you can find good vaporizers from prices ranging from about $90 to $600.

I bought my last two vaporizers at vaporizers.net. The market is full of cheap imitation vaporizers, but these guys only have the best and proven devices, so you really can’t go wrong with them (also, they have great customer service – I didn’t like the color of one of the units I ordered, and they exchanged it, no questions asked, and even paid for my return shipping!).


Using a vaporizer involves a learning curve. Don’t be discouraged if it first is doesn’t seem to work well. Depending on the vaporizer model, you’ll have to learn what the right temperature is, How to draw correctly, how fine to grind the herb, etc. I suggest you give it at least two weeks, and also take a look at guide on youtube. Once you’ll get used to it, you’ll love it. My guarantee.


Medical cannabis is demonstrated to have certain profitable therapeutic properties, which are seen and documented. Examples are: reducing nausea and vomiting, improving appetite in chemotherapy patients or patients suffering from AIDS, it likewise relieves intraocular pressure and has general pain-killing properties. A few studies also found marijuana to be beneficial in a variety of medical disorders, from multiple sclerosis to anxiety and depression. Synthetic THC (THC is the fundamental part of cannabis) is also accessible in the form of Marinol as a professionally prescribed medication.

Cannabis viably helps in a variety of disease conditions and medical disorders, including muscle fits, glaucoma, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, AIDS, HIV, diabetes, long-standing pain, nausea, sleep deprivation, seizure disorder, anorexia, spasticity, cerebral tumor, and lung cancer. Medical societies around the world have accepted medical cannabis as an option for managing the symptoms associated with chronic illnesses and has been truly effective. Obviously, every patient needs first to get a marijuana card.

Medicinal weed is frequently utilized as an illegal substance or in other words, a recreational medication, in many developing countries. Medical studies have shown that the THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) – cannabis’ active ingredient – supplies essential health benefits in a considerable number of clients. Voters of Arizona and California for instance, considered the benefits generous and had endorsed regulations that permit the use of therapeutic marijuana by any patient that has a medical cannabis card.

To be taken through medical cannabis treatment, every patient must be endorsed for, and issued a weed card by a trusted specialist that has a marijuana permit. After this, patients are allowed to undergo medical cannabis treatment. To avoid problems, they should apply for a cannabis card of their own. One of the significance of being a marijuana card holder is that a patient is granted full legal backing of cannabis regulations and laws. Getting a medical marijuana card may be an intense thing to do, since it requests a reference from a doctor that has a therapeutic weed permit. Make sure to visit one of your nearby medicinal marijuana dispensaries and continue with the enrollment of your cannabis card. Keep in mind to contact the Department of Health of your state to check which papers you have to carry alongside for your MMJ card enlistment.


Despite the fact that you need some extra efforts to become qualified for and acquire your medical cannabis card, you shouldn’t be discouraged by the time the procedure can take. The doctors will give you a proposal if they consider that you truly require it for your medical condition. Marijuana can be a harmful medication, yet it can provide an enormous amount of advantages if used only when someone’s wellbeing needs it.