A Good Weed Grinder Is a Must

Whether you smoke or vaporize weed, whether you’re a recreational marijuana user or a medical cannabis patient, a good weed grinder is a must-have tool for you. Grinding your herbs thinly and evenly is essential for both joints and vaporizers, because it produces a more satisfying and more efficient experience.

When you choose a herbal grinder, there are three main factors you should take in account: price, material and number of parts or compartments.

Weed Grinder Material
Weed grinders are made of acrylic, wood or aluminium and titanium.
Acrylic grinders are the cheaper of the three. The better acrylic marijuana grinders do a pretty good job, and another advantage is that you can get them with all different number pf parts.
Wooden Grinders are good looking. They can do a decent job, and usually there tech are made of metal. the problem with wood grinders is that they only come in two pieces.
Aluminium and titanium grinders are usually the best. They come in all sizes, they are sharp and they are durable. Aluminium weed grinders cost more, but they are worth the price.

Weed Grinder sizes
Cannabis grinders with one compartment are made of two pieces. The weed is put in between the base i=and the cover and is ground by the sharp teeth. The disadvantage is that the weed might get stuck between the teeth and not be totally even.
To solve tis problem the god of weed invented the two compartment pot grinder. The shredding compartment is the same as in the one compartment grinder, but at the bottom there are small holes, leading to the second compartment. This allows the small particles of the ground cannabis to gather in the second compartment, making the shredded weed even and east to take out. there are also three compartment weed grinders. the third compartment is separated from the second by a fine screen, that allows only the tiniest particles, known as pollen or chief, to gather. the kerf us the most potent part of the marijuana flower, and gathering it is like gathering a treasure.
All these grinders usually come in a variety of colours, and also with different sizes and diameters.